Das ist mein Australien Trip vom 24.02.2006

24 September 2007

back in Germany

Hello there,
today I show you where I´m coming from. This was a festival about hay. Different groups built figures made by hay.

go by a curricle

men by bike

the world specificly Australia

That´s an east german comic "Max and Moritz".

the Emu

a caw and my mother

the Thueringen Forest

Here I was going on a wild mushrooms foray with a friend, that is a Birkenpilz.

that´s a Fliegenpilz, very poisonous but beautyful

We were succsessful, all of them you can eat.

One of the biggest mushrooms.

One of my mothers Restaurants, "Schuetzenhaus Buergel"

The other Restaurant from my mother, the "Fliegerhorst"we had a kidsparty there and I helped here 2 days

On the wayto Halle, a wunderful sunset.

Back in Halle, that is the "Wasserturm" (watertower)

Susi and I at her house and property

the other Susi and I in one of our favorits Cafés on a Sunday

My dog Keyko sleeping next to us

Satherday night in a discothek, we had lots of fun and drinks (Sandy, I, Susi)

Shaun, YOU was mising here!!

To much drinks, so we needed something to eat, I had a McRib, because I haven´t had that 1,5 years, it was great!