Das ist mein Australien Trip vom 24.02.2006

21 September 2007

Kuala Lumpur

Hello there,

here are some pics from Kuala Lumpur. I sent 3 days there and saw so many different things, so new for me.

Airport KL

the goverment sits there

KL in the night

the Twin Towers in the night


the Twin Towers so close

the Towers from the distance

chinese house

Train station near by my Hotel

the view from my room

the lift from the tower

the highest tower in the world

the view arround

the Twin Tower from the top


Chinese Tempel

Chinese Market, a pork store on the road

Mosque, it wasn´t aloud for me to visit it...

but this Mosque I could visit from the inside, lots of men slept and pray on the floor

this was the longest building what I found, I think it was the Primeminister house

It was nice and hot there

Airport Kuala Lumpur

in the airplane in Brisbane, since a long time by myself, strange!

Bundaberg shop in the Brisbane Airport, where I bougt the last Bundy bottle (its nearly over, I´m going to miss it :-))